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Singapore was my dream come true. I always wanted to see a futuristic looking city with wonderful architecture and smart looking city.

This city is full of green and modern look mixed together. Their rules keep the city clean and with less cars. Did you know , if you wanted to purchase a car in Singapore you would've have to be a millionaire? The car is purposely taxed 100% of its open market value. That means only 15% actually has a car. This wonderful little island is too small and government decided to rather keep it clean than dirty from all cars. And by the way, underground is so convenient, so modern, you wouldn't need a car anyway... And, to be honest, where would you travel, to Kuala Lumpur? When you can fly there in less than hour? But other thing is, this problem divides poor from rich even more. 

Many people say, Singapore isn't their city, as they aren't really city people. I say, if not Sydney, I would move there for at least a year to experience such a luxurious place. 

I would definitely spend lots of time in their amazing Sentosa island or in any of the peaceful green gardens. 

I am planning to stop over very soon just to renew my memories and hopefully that won't be my last come back to that extraordinary state/island/city. 


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