Get Salty Australia
Get Salty Australia




Hello girls and boys,

My name is Linda and I am currently living in Sydney, Australia. I've been also living in London and Helsinki. I know, all three super different cities but what can I say, I love extreme changes. For example, coming from rainy dark London into wonderful sunny Sydney, never felt so good ! Don't go there, just for shopping and sightseeing! 

I am photographer and casual videographer. I didn't make this page to actually blog, but like a visual beauty for my eyes to fulfil my little dreams. I also wanted to collaborate with many brands and that was kind of one way to go. I study at the moment , and will be studying for another two years ! It will be a very cool subject, graphic design. 

My love for design and visuals became huge in Helsinki. Get salty was made out of love and boredom of going to beach each day. Being interested in Sydney street style, lifestyle or people made me start this and show you my point of view. My pluses and minuses for living abroad and living in the most awesomest place you can ever imagine ! This blog will be about Sydney and its lifestyle, about people who live here and little of my travels if I happen to go somewhere. Please, welcome and share my happy webpage with all your friends, cuz it's gonna become SALTY !