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BALI _ 10 places you must visit



10 places you must visit

Uluwatu is famous for its beautiful blue sea, long white beaches and not that many tourists. You can see many people surfing and drinking beer. Driving there is much better than in Canggu for example or Ubud. When I say driving, I mean riding motorbike haha. You don’t want to have a car in Bali. I learned to drive a motorbike in 10 minutes, and then I just kind of figured out what were the rules over there. Not much rules, I guess just be aware of others, don’t get angry and be quick in your reactions. I feel like the biggest danger were Australian drunk-heads who didn’t respect anyone.

If you go to Bali, Uluwatu is a must. Expecially when you live for example in Europe and you would like to see blue sea and not the Canggu sea which is , well not something you would expect from holidays. So much rubbish, like for real. I live in Australia, so I was just enjoying the temperature of the sea. It’s so warm, not like here in Sydney, where you want to kill yourself when going inside.

This article won’t be about what to see in Uluwatu, as there’s not much to see. Bali for me was more like a food/coffee/motorbikes/massage trip than sightseeing. I went to at least 3 places a day to eat. Most of them were exceptionally pretty, or overpriced or instagrammable. Or all together. I will start very randomly, I wrote down all place I remember I went to. I might missed few, It might end up in next article. Please enjoy and I’m happy to answer comments for more info !


Mana is a restaurant with a wonderful view on the ocean. They designed it really well, It had a minimalistic feeling. It is situated on the cliffs of Bali’s Bukit peninsula, standing tall on the stunning grounds of Uluwatu Surf Villas. It’s built with surfers style mixed with Balinese culture.

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I discovered this place just before we were meant to leave Uluwatu. It’s a cool balinese bar on a cliff, a bit rough. Me, Chris and Mia went to check it out. If I didn’t have Chris leading a way, I wouldn’t be able to find it. I don’t think I remember how to get there, but i’m sure you’ll figure it out somehow. Trick is to ask, Balinese people are super nice and chilled. When we came there, we had a problem with the wind, which was a bit sad, because it could have been such a cool spot to chill out. Well, next time maybe? 

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Chris showed me this insane place with sick views. It’s like a bar but also restaurant. You don’t need anything else than a cocktail, which is very average, but you can’t impress a woman who worked with best bartenders in Manly ahah. But, blue coctail. I mean… That definitely won’t be amazing. So this pretty rich couple sitting on the left side, playing with monkey who is used to bears and chippies, on the right side, an asian couple by the pool , doing wedding photoshoot. Me, videoing who’s gonna fail first. If the couple falls into the pool or monkey just fakin eats them alive. Oh well, nothing happened and we went to explore more. 

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A typical vegan smoothie or acai bowls right next to surf shop. You actually sit on the floor with fake grass ( you have tables there, but who likes tables 😅), cool music, cool vibes, super chilled and very nice. As usual, you park your motorbike outside the shop. Actually there’s no indoor space, just outside area and the "kitchen” is indoors with open windows. Pure beauty. Smoothie bowls are recommended for people with heaps of allergies like my mum, she got gluten free/lactose free option. YUM ! Bowls are around $6-$7 which is heaven when you come from Sydney. 

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This cafe/restaurant isn’t necessarily new but so good ! Food was bloody amazing, I obviously had Mexican fajitas, so balinese lol. The rest of my crew were also happy about their choices. You can find a good mix of food in there. They have amazing cakes and the view is so cool. It’s a cool must if you’re around. They have vegan and gluten free options.

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First of all, we couldn’t find this place, because the map showed something completely different. ( we later realised , google maps isn’t really working in Bali ), but after very angry 20 minutes we did find it, even it was obvious. Just the entrance for the motorbikes is amazing, you walk in, you feel like a goddess , and then after this delirium, you get seated by weird manager , idk but , they were trying so much , they fucked up so bad. I was like, If the food will be okay, all will be fine. But food was so average, or lets say , if it was half price, I wouldn’t complain. But it was $20 approx for one meal ! These are Aussie prices, not balinese. I was so disappointed, only good thing was how beautiful it was, the band and rosé. I only recommend to go for a coffee, don’t spend money on that food. I hope they’ll change their chef and change their prices, because its’s such a shame.

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This awesome spot has a shop too, they sell beautiful surf stuff. I don’t think my dad loved it that much as my sister bought herself a bit too much stuff :D. But we only had a coffee and juice in there and it was yum ! When I say coffee, I say espresso or macchiato, as you don’t want to drink anything milky in that heat. They also have a cat there you can pet, she sleeps all the time, lucky , right? 

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My parents actually found this place. It was few steps from our hotel, so it was perfect ! We ate there like 3 or 4 times, it was that amazing. They have cool coffee, open space, a bit slow table service but you’re in Bali, so why would you hurry up somewhere? They actually have a gym next door, which my bf went to check out, he said it was very sweaty, so I guess good , right? 

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Where would you rather spend Christmas Eve than here? Sundays offers everything you need to relax and have fun. They have beautiful clean ocean, paddle boards and kayaks, snorchling, house music, cocktails, amazing food and massage. The entrance is quite special too. It’s like an open elevator down the hill with a very funny guy inside operating it. The entrance fee is quite high but it’s worth it. You won't regret it. 

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I left the loft as a last stop as its my most favorite place in Ulu. It’s very close to Drifter, very different vibe too. They do probably the best brekkie in my opinion and it looks super pretty too. They do healthy shots and great coffee. The whole interior gives you a warm homey feeling and makes you want to stay there forever. I have no idea who was the photographer who took all those amazing pictures on the wall, but oh man, so full of life. Great job !

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