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5 things to do in : Hobart

Spending my New Years eve in Tasmania never was my dream. I didn't even know Tasmania exist or I was actually aware of it but, you know, it's like American finding out there is a country called Slovakia or like last night 3 Italian guys finding out we actually have our own language. 

Basically what happened was, that I really wanted to go to festival but the only problem was they were all so expensive. Me being Slovak , searching for any possibilities to have everything for free or cheap, decided to write some online magazines in Slovakia and ask them to support us with accreditation. That went well and we were heading to Falls festival in Tasmania for New Years eve!

My expectations were high and it didn't quite end up well, to be honest, I am used to European standard and that wasn't shown in there. But after festival we stayed 4 more days in Hobart and honestly, we felt in L O V E. We haven't seen whole Tassie, which is shame but we tried to see couple of stuff in Hobart and chill. Here are couple of them !

1. MONA museum

Museum of old and new art , David Walsh's museum. Long story short, he is a art collector and he had lots of shit so he built sickest museum at least in Australia. There is everything you can imagine. I really liked the vagina exhibition or a man sitting and watching people pass while we check out his tattoo on his back. It feels like you're going to catacombs and get lost in maze for 3-4 hours. You as well get your personal iPod which tells you where you exactly are and what can you see. There is couple of places where you have to wait, but instead of waiting, you just "stand in line" online and when you're next it just calls you. 

But even getting there is sick ! You can choose to get there by MONA bus or MONA ferry , by bike or by car. Bus and ferry cost $20 per person and that is very recommended as you don't need to worry about anything and that ferry ride is super awesome. You can sit on a lamb or a cow, you listen to sick tunes , get a coffee or draft beer , toilets are full of graffiti and if you're feeling posh, you can even pay a bit more to be in a posh pit where you get food and drinks for whole ride. So worth it. 

The museum reminded me of my European tour de Museums and especially those scandi ones. Hey, its pretty expensive to do this , We spent in total $100 for tickets and ferry ride, which might be too much if you are from Europe, as all the museums are usually for free. But , do not hesitate to do so. 


2. Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington, a mountain right next to Hobart. It is so close , literally like 30 min drive, but you can see the mountain from the city centre, but you also can see High Tatras in Poprad (Slovakia) and its not that close, but this is , promise ! I am not sure if best or worst thing, but it was 25 degrees in Hobart and you went up the hill and it dropped onto 6 degrees. I only had a hoodie and Chris had his spring jacket. I wasn't this cold since December 2016 , so it was a shock but a good shock, especially the air was pure and so nice. You can walk in there, but that wasn't our intention as we are two little piglets and we rented an awesome car hahaha. 

When you end up eventually on top of the mountain, you will see sick views and many asian people taking selfies, but thats okay, they are everywhere. You'll see beautiful Hobart and I think I also saw Bruny island, but I was maybe hallucinating. But definitely you'll see sea. hah !


3. Bruny island

Oh , Bruny island, you cost us more than we could imagine. But so worth it. The thing is, you can't really get in there without a car. Because public transport doesn't really take you there. It's very tricky and I couldn't understand how they don't have like a ferry from Hobart there, as it is so popular, or at least bus which takes you there and back.

How to get to Bruny Island? Well, you can take a ferry from Kettering, which is a city located 40 min from Hobart, ferry which loads cars too. You better check times and yes you have to pay around 30 dollars return ticket. Plus, it can be extremely busy so you won't get on the time you want, so be ahead at least 30 min before. 

What to see in Bruny Island? You obviously go there to take pictures in The neck lookout. It is located between North Bruny island and Bruny Island. It's basically "a bridge" between two islands. It literally is one of the best things I've seen in Tasmania. After this perfection you go to Adventurous Bay, where we saw horses in a sea refreshing, untouched nature and beautiful beaches. We didn't really had a lot of time in there as we were flying that day, but we took our Mitsubishi through jungle to the South Bruny. It was a wonderful drive in forest , untouched by people , so massive and green. That was by the way the " official road" , but we are so used to it from WA and NT, where we drove in very weird places. At the end, we ended up having coffee at the harbour waiting for our ferry to Kettering, having pies and meeting a guy from festival we had a chat with on New Years very drunk. I was impressed I remembered. 


4. Salamanca Market

When you are the same food lover as me and Chris, you will definitely enjoy lunch and dinner in Salamanca Market. We came there on 1.1 so we caught Taste Festival and that was just amazing. There was plenty of people eating and drinking wine or coffee , eating yummy food and enjoying concerts. It was sunny and harbour was just picturesque. I felt like in Copenhagen when it's warm and sunny or Helsinki Ravintolapa├»va. We got some great food from there, so far I remember being very nice but god knows what I had. So far so good ! I very recommend a walk afterwards right next to harbour. Such a scandi feeling you'll have , promise !

5. Royal Tasmanian botanical gardens

You should totally hire a bike and go for a beautiful ride to botanical gardens. There isn't anything more to do in here anyway. Except from eating a lot. Especially when you don't have a car. We biked there and spent on a grass reading our afternoon. It reminded me of movie Notting hill. So sweet ! You can get there also walking, using either google maps or asking very lovely people , but its just couple of km away anyway. No need for public transport.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it !

If you need more info, let me know :)