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What to listen?

Since I moved to Australia, I have changed my style a lot. To be honest, I am influenced by my English babe listening to techno or then opposite of techno for ex King Krule, which we saw last month.  The other people are Australians , who listen to Australian songs and artist, which are, to be honest, not the best not the worst. It is like Europe standard , buuuut not quite there. Some are obviously extremely good and popular, no doubt. But generally speaking, Australian music is just, in the middle. I still listen to it. More and more. 

Now its more about guitar bands than it was when I lived in London. That was all about electronic music and electronic concerts. Here we listen to guitars and sexy singers, lullabies. I am only talking about me, influenced by Australia. But I know, manly is full of guitar fans. And obviously you can hear heaps of Flume, as he literally lives 3 min from the restaurant I work in. I wish he actually was sometimes in Sydney. 

Big big big thing in city is Techno, electronic parties, lots and lots of drugs and gay communities. We are the most wonderful city , when it comes to being different. Wow, its just insane how everybody respects all. Again, it is only my point of view, might be different for you !

When it comes to clothing. You go to Manly part and then to Newtown, you are honestly confused, if that even is the same city you are in. Newtown if full of Youngs looking so different , so terribly dressed in their moms clothes from '87. Boys looking like girls, girls looking like boys, its so bad. So bad, everybody wants to look different, but they all look the same. Manly on the other side, is full of tits, short skirts, fake lips and fake tan. Girls just passed their 18th bday, drinking cocktails and enjoying mums credit card, being drunk at 8pm, in bed by 10pm. But in style, because they all looks extremely stylish, like one store dressed them, which is true, because there isn't many stores who sell different clothes in Sydney. All the same, and then theres H&M which is focused on Asians. But truly, girls look beautiful , make up on point, boys, just wonderful muscly boys with terrible attitude of 15years old kid. But I don't think Europe is much different, you find this everywhere but with different variety fo clothes. If you want to see proper Manly style, google Tori Levett and her terrible song every kid here listens. That music is just the worst thing I ever heard in my entire life. And she calls herself a DJ. Ha !

If you actually like nice music, follow @sonsoftheeast , that is my friends band and getting famous , they come from Manly, and they truly deserve popularity. 

Lets not hate everything , and enjoy music we adore. Same goes to clothes, I actually don't hate, I just laugh :) 

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\ Images done in Tasmania : Marion Bay, Falls Festival