Get Salty Australia
Get Salty Australia


Mia getting salty

When I asked Mia to help me with some images, I didn't expect to be so happy with the results.

She came in a morning wearing one wonderful white dress, looking like a rockstar with her beautiful hair and smile on her face. She was very energetic as she had like two coffees already. We headed to the beach with the best mood as the sun was shining and weather was wonderful. We went to the rocks up the hill from Manly wharf as the seaside is calm and there isn't any tourist as its not the most flattering beach ( lots of dead fish , bleh ). I gave Mia a pair of sunnies to work with, as my friend needed some images for his instagram. His sunnies are called " forever young " and you can find his webpage here. They are extremely good, super stylish and made in Manly ! And obviously lenses are polarised , so that like a plus for Australian sun. Please enjoy these wonderful shots from lovely girl and check out the website of my friend Hamish or give him a like if so.

 @miarkaterodriguez @fyeyewear