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about linda

I think I was born to hold the camera. My first picture I remember I took was on some holiday, and my parents had this automatic analogue camera which actually took amazing images. Until now I remember how I pressed the button and waited few weeks until it was developed. When we got the pics, I was very proud of my image. I guess it was a great one when I remember it now.

Few years ago I found some diapositives of my grandfather, stole his analogue cameras and started to study photography. Why photography? I guess I wasn’t really interested in biology or math which I studied 5 years in French language. I also took my mom once to an exhibition and talked about art she didn’t understand and she realised I have to get out of my country and do art.

After this quick process I became a student in Broadstairs. I learned that I have to teach myself how to take images. My teacher told me that she was searching for her own unique style until she was like 40 years old. I felt horrible, that I would have to wait for such a long time. But now I guess i’m realising my images have their own style, they kinda show my signature more.

I am not 100% sure what I want to be, but I am sure what I don’t want to shoot. And that makes is easier to understand my style, if that makes sense. I am learning a new thing every single time I take my camera, I have those days, when I hate myself as I cant take a normal image.

Then I look back at my work and I realise, how talented I was and now i’m not. And this circle goes all along. This drives me to do better - to try harder.